Introducing our B Corp Impact Report 2024

‘seeing that inimitable ‘B’ logo every time I walk through the doors to our farmshops and spas motivates me to do even more’

Farming | Food | Sustainability

Over 45 years ago I had a very simple idea; to farm and produce nourishing, organic food, while simultaneously giving back to our land. Everything I’ve sought to do through my businesses since then has been rooted in the same philosophy: to protect and work with nature rather than against it.

Obtaining B Corp accreditation last year was a landmark moment for me. It demonstrates that the way we work across Daylesford and Bamford is better for both people and planet and it initiates us into a global community that is also striving to set the world on a different course. Now seeing that inimitable ‘B’ logo every time I walk through the doors to our farmshops and spas motivates me to do even more. Perhaps this certification feels particularly significant to me because when I started farming organically in the seventies, it was often difficult to convince others of the need to take care of the planet. It gives me hope to see how far the world has come since then, with organisations such as B Corp bringing environmental concerns into the mainstream – inspiring individuals to make more mindful choices and brands to use their businesses as a force for good.

As we look to the future, I am pleased to share our full impact report which sets out our intentions for the year ahead and reflects on our accomplishments from the year that has been. Throughout 2023, our commitment to sustainable business practices continued to evolve across Daylesford and Bamford. I am particularly proud of Bamford’s SS24 womenswear collection, 50% of which was produced in the UK and 100% of which was made from natural fibres – meaning the garments will ultimately biodegrade and be returned to the soil once they reach the end of their life.

At Daylesford, social responsibility has been a big impact area following the implementation of a company-wide volunteering scheme. From delivering surplus meals to cooking in community kitchens, I have found it incredibly heartening to read first-hand accounts of the local projects that my teams have chosen to dedicate their time – and make a difference – to.

I find circularity initiatives especially exciting, so it has been encouraging to see progress across a number of innovations that reduce waste across my businesses; from transforming spent coffee grounds into an organic body scrub, beeswax into beauty products and grape skins into a sustainable leather alternative. I firmly believe that with enough skill and ingenuity, there really is no limit to the value you can add to homegrown materials that might otherwise go to waste.

I encourage you to read the report in full here, and thank you for supporting our mission. It’s exciting to be continuing our story within B Corp’s network of change-makers and I hope that together, we can inspire others to engage in a more sustainable way of living and make the world a better place for future generations.