Joining B Corp’s global community

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I am very proud to be sharing that both Daylesford and Bamford have been certified as B Corporations – initiating us into a global community that is also striving to set the world on a different course.

This feels like a culmination of work that started over 40 years ago with a very simple idea; to farm and produce nourishing, organic food, while simultaneously giving back to our land. Everything I’ve sought to do through my businesses since then has been rooted in the same philosophy:  to protect and work with nature rather than against it.

Becoming certified confirms that we meet B Corp’s high standards of social and environmental performance across all areas of Daylesford and Bamford, from farming, and food production to our cafés, spas, skincare, clothing and homeware. 

I would like to thank each and every person who has shared my passion, supported my vision and worked so hard to help make this happen. I hope that our B Corp status inspires more brands to use their business as a force for good. In the four decades I have been part of the environmental movement, I have witnessed so much impactful and innovative change and I look forward to continuing our story within this network of change-makers.

You can hear more about what this means to me in the video above and find a full breakdown of our score by clicking here.