Ask me anything : January 2024

above is one of my Shih Tzus, Papaya, on holiday last week. She loves swimming in the sea.

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With January well underway, I thought it may be a good moment to reflect on some personal highlights from the last twelve months – as well as some of the things that I am most looking forward to in 2024. I find that informal, quick-fire questions are a great way to get to know a person, so as there are quite a few new readers here, this feels like a fitting post with which to begin the new year. You can also find me on Instagram for daily updates from my home, the farm and beyond. 

Something I am proud of from last year:

In March, both Daylesford and Bamford were certified as B Corporations. After forty years of organic farming, it felt like a huge achievement to receive formal acknowledgement that our intentions and the way we work are better for people and for planet. It is exciting to have joined a wider community of change-makers also striving to use their business as a force for good.

Something I’m grateful for:

I will always cherish precious time spent with my family. I started the year in Barbados with my husband, children and grandchildren, so I feel incredibly grateful to be returning home with lots of happy memories.

A simple wellness habit to pick up in January?

Spending time in nature is both physically and mentally healing – even when it might feel cold outside. Every morning I wrap up warm and take my dogs for a walk around the garden. It helps me feel grounded, think clearly and prepare for the day ahead. Getting a little morning sunlight is also thought to improve your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle, so it is well worth making the time if you can. 

A photo of my pets:

Above is one of my Shih Tzus, Papaya, on holiday last week. She loves swimming in the sea.

every morning I wrap up warm and take my dogs for a walk around the garden. It helps me feel grounded, think clearly and prepare for the day ahead.

Most memorable meal from 2023?

I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Le Gavroche in November. Having first visited the restaurant over forty years ago, it felt incredibly special to return before it closes later this month. I can’t wait to see what Michel Roux does next. 

A concert that I loved:

Some great friends introduced me to the classical pianist Lang Lang, who we went to see in concert at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a mesmerising performance which played over in my mind for many weeks afterwards. 

Current mocktail of choice:

Although I don’t do Dry January, I do enjoy a glass of Daylesford’s Organic Rosé Kombucha. It is brewed using a blend of Sencha and Assam teas, and the gentle natural bubbles make it a perfect alternative to frizzante or sparkling wine.

Where I want to travel in 2024:

India has been a significant and constant part of my life for many years. I first fell in love with the nation’s people, vibrancy and wealth of heritage artisan crafts when I travelled there in my twenties and have considered it my spiritual home ever since. This March I am hoping to return for Holi, the Hindu festival of colour that celebrates love, unity and the arrival of spring.

Most sentimental piece of furniture:

There are two little chairs in my bedroom that hold mine and my husband’s childhood teddies. They’re truly irreplaceable and the first things I would save in a fire.

The Bamford beauty product I am using the most often:

Having just returned from holiday, I have been reaching for our rejuvenating drops which are great for reviving skin after a long-haul flight. They’re rich in natural vitamins E, F and retinol, so when I apply them in the evening, my skin is soft, visibly hydrated and glowing by morning. 

What I’m going to be wearing for the rest of winter:

I love Bamford’s little shearling gilets. They’re small enough to wear under coats for an extra layer of warmth or put on over a silk shirt for a cosy yet chic daytime look.

A great 2023 hotel stay:

My husband and I enjoy a few nights at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc every year. It’s pure understated elegance; everything is exquisite without being ostentatious, and the setting is breathtaking. We’ve had some memorable stays there, so it’s a hotel that’s tinged with nostalgia for me.

A book that moved me:

I found Chris van Tulleken’s Ultra-Processed People a shocking and eye-opening read. I have always been an advocate for eating real, natural and organic wholefoods, so learning more about the damage that ultra-processed foods are doing to the health of our bodies and the planet makes the work we do at Daylesford feel even more important. 

Something I am looking forward to:

It’s always lovely to see first of the snowdrops peeking through the lawn. A joyful sign from nature that spring is near and brighter days are ahead. 

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