A look inside Nila House

Craft | Sustainability

I fell in love with Indian crafts and textiles when I first visited India in my twenties and have been fortunate to have visited the country many times to learn about them and to begin to understand the intricate skill behind them. Watching the artisans at work is mesmerising and I have always wanted to create a space to showcase their skills and to share them.

So opening Nila House in October was the realisation of a 25-year dream. It is a centre of excellence that celebrates these textiles, crafts and the natural dyes used in their creation, and shows that they have value and relevance today. Designers and artisans from all over the world can visit Nila and learn about the history and skills behind the traditions and be inspired to use the techniques in their own work. 

For those not able to visit, this video takes a glimpse inside Nila House so that you can see the workshops, the library, the archives and the exhibition spaces, and it explains some of the incredible work that will take place here.