Say No To Plastic Packaging

Daylesford Milk Packaging


When the Queen announced plans in June to to introduce a 5p plastic bag tax from October 2015, I greeted the news with open arms. Six billion plastic bags are used in the UK every year. It’s a startling statistic and a reality that more people need to be made aware of.

At Daylesford, we are proud to say we have never used plastic bags in our shops. It’s just one of the ways we push ourselves to package as lightly as possible, using natural and recycled materials that can be reused, recycled or composted. We even save sheep’s fleece padding for insulating fresh deliveries at Christmas.

But it’s our milk packaging that I’m particularly proud of. Made from Calymer, the innovative Ecolean pouch contains 40% chalk – a natural material that requires no chemical processes to extract it and uses minimal energy to produce. This adds up to a significant reduction in our milk packaging’s carbon footprint compared to a standard HDPE plastic bottle – see the full stats below. It’s just one part of what makes up the full Daylesford package: healthy, organic and sustainable.


Environmentally, how does our milk packaging compare to a standard HDPE plastic bottle?

It takes a quarter of the energy to manufacture.

It generates 72% less production waste

It generates 93% less water pollution

It emits a quarter of the greenhouse gases during