Save the honeybees: share our message

Farming | Sustainability

Since I started out along the path towards farming organically, I have been passionate about protecting our bees. Bees are life’s essential pollinators and without them we would no longer be able to grow and produce our food. During the warmer months, when bees are active, I go out to visit our beehives on the farm every day, and I get very anxious when the bees are quiet.

But for a long time the bees’ existence has been threatened. Pulling out the hedgerows and razing meadows to make room for industrial farming, as well as using pesticides to farm crops has meant that we are depriving the bees of their natural habitat, as well a nutritious food source – they need our help if they are to survive.

To share the message about the plight of the bees and the need to protect them and their natural environment, my wonderful friend Hugo has created a short animated film, which I’ve inserted below.