Inside the Daylesford Organic Creamery

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When we first came to the Cotswolds we inherited a dairy herd and it remains at the heart of the farm today. The fresh milk from our pedigree British Friesian and rare-breed Gloucester cows is pumped just a few metres from the milking parlour into the creamery, where we produce our own range of organic cheeses – as well as yoghurt, kefir and buttermilk.

Peter is our Head Cheesemaker, and thanks to his many years of experience and reverence for traditional methods, our small batch cheeses are award-winning – something I am incredibly proud of. I hope you enjoy this film that shows a little more of Peter’s craft. I am so in awe of artisan practices like this, which rely on intuition, skill and senses, as well as a deep understanding of the natural ingredient and the landscape it has come from.

If you would like to try a particularly special cheese, I would recommend our much-loved Daylesford Cheddar. It was Britain’s first ever organic Cheddar when when we started producing it in 2001 and is still a delicious cornerstone of our business today. You can click here to find a limited edition version that we have created in celebration of the farm’s 20th anniversary, alongside many more of our most popular, food, drink and heritage-inspired home products.