Daylesford’s restorative wellness retreat

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Life moves so fast and often it’s very difficult to find the time or the reason just to stop, to remove ourselves from the pressures and stresses of our everyday routine and just be: slow down and truly relax and reconnect with ourselves. For me the only way to experience that is by retreating: taking time away to be in nature; it replenishes my energy. 

So I’m very excited about the launch of our first Daylesford wellness retreat this October. The three days are designed to nourish and reenergise your body and mind as we leave summer behind and move into autumn. 

You will stay in our beautiful, peaceful cottages on the farm and experience a series of healing treatments at our Haybarn wellness space, including restorative yoga, meditation and sound healing classes and a bespoke Bamford facial and message. There will be workshops guiding you in how to nourish your body and focus on your own wellness, an immersive cookery class at our Cookery School and nourishing organic food throughout the weekend. 

Above all you can simply immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of our green surroundings, and heal. Our hope is that you will leave feelimng recharged and ready to return to your everyday routine, reminded of the benefits of simply slowing your pace and turning to simplicity – a walk through the fields or enjoying the flavour of an apple picked ripe from the tree. Nature’s innate ability to heal and restore us is often more potent than we believe. For more information about the retreat and to book your place, please click here.