Can Eating Meat Ever Be Ethical?


I have always believed that how you slaughter an animal is as important as how you rear them.

Our animals live a happy and content life on the farm – roaming freely in the fields and living off a grass based, organic diet – and I want the end of their lives to have the same integrity, free from trauma and pain.


It is because of our commitment to animal welfare that we opened our own abattoir on our farm in Staffordshire last year. Located a short distance from were the cattle roam, the abattoir offers a humane way of ending an animal’s life and ensures a peaceful, dignified death.

Our abattoir recently featured in an article written by the journalist Lizzie Rivera on ethical farming. Published in The Independent, the feature explores the perils of eating cheap meat from factory farms and asks the questions: Can eating meat ever be ethical?


I am so happy that following Lizzie’s visit to our abattoir her conclusion was a resounding ‘yes’. Her experience at our farm convinced the writer that you can end an animal’s life with care and with respect: “I left satisfied that there is a humane slaughtering process that the industry can follow,” she writes.


In answer to the question “Can eating meat ever be ethical”, Lizzie’s conclusion is what I have always believed: eat less meat and always chose the best quality that you can buy.

You can read the full article here.