Bamford’s Homegrown Merino Collection

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Two years ago I acquired a flock of pedigree merino sheep, brought them back to our farm at Daylesford and we embarked on a journey to create Bamford’s homegrown merino collection. I am very proud that we are the first brand to craft knitted merino pieces that haven’t had to leave British soil.

Our aim at both Bamford and Daylesford has always been to minimise our environmental impact and give back to nature where we can. This project has allowed us to take that vision one step further: to create a product with a fully traceable profile that not only eradicates waste and has a positive impact on the climate, landscape and airways – but unites Daylesford’s expertise in sustainable, organic farming with Bamford’s skill in designing knitwear.

From shearing in the Cotswolds and spinning in Saddleworth to knitting in Annan on the west coast of Scotland, it has been incredibly rewarding to trace the full process, and support British wool artisans whose skills have been honed over many generations. The average supply chain for a merino sweater is 18,000 miles – a sobering statistic when you consider that this collection has travelled no further than 639 miles from farm to shop.

I hope you enjoy watching the film above documenting the a little of the journey from field to final garment. With just 140 limited edition pieces available, you can shop Bamford’s collection of homegrown merino hoodies, beanies and scarves here.