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Organic chickens

Sustainable consumption applies to so many areas of our lives, but for me, I think it is meat that is one of the most troubling areas.

‘Eat meat, but eat less, and of a higher quality’ has always been my view, but for many people, poorly produced meat is a daily staple, consumed each day with little thought for the detrimental impact on our health, our animals or our planet.

Chicken is now the nation’s meat of choice and this insatiable demand has pushed intensive farming to a terrifying high. With the UK’s population ever rising, the situation can only get worse, unless we adopt a more sustainable approach not only to consumption but also to production.

Animal welfare is at the heart of everything that we do at Daylesford. I am incredibly proud of the fact that our animals live a happy and content life on the farm and I want the end of their lives to have the same integrity, free from trauma and pain.

Organic chickens hens

In 2015 we opened our first abattoir on our farm in Staffordshire and we have now added an organic hatchery and chicken abattoir to the site, ensuring that our chickens enjoy a happy life, followed by a peaceful, dignified end. This is one of the many sustainable changes that we are bringing in to Daylesford this year, as we strive to help change the face of British farming.

To read more about the true impact of intensive chicken farming, and to find out how you too can make a difference, please click here.

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