8 Reasons to Love Bone Broth

Reasons to Love

Growing up as a child, a bubbling pot of stock on the stove was a regular sight in our kitchen. It would have been unthinkable for my mother to throw away the carcass from the Sunday roast and it always provided the basis for a fantastic soup or stew.

Sadly, this is a tradition that has lapsed, with many people now relying on shop bought, artificial cubes and powders to try and recreate the taste of stock. In my view, nothing can replace the flavour of properly made, slow cooked stock, which is why I am so happy that we are now offering our own range of home made, organic broths at Daylesford.

The broths are made from the bones of our own cattle and chicken and are as rich in nutrients as they are in flavour. The health benefits oaf a homemade broth are numerous and I wanted to share a few of them with you here.

Low In Sugar, High In Good Fats & Protein

Regular stock cubes are nutritionally empty, full of unnecessary additives, flavourings, colourings and sugar. By contrast, a homemade or high quality, shop-bought bone broth is full of good fats from bone marrow, protein in the form of glycoproteins, and is low in carbohydrates, making it a deeply nourishing addition to any dish.


Bone broths make use of the whole animal, ensuring that nothing is wasted in the kitchen. Daylesford’s bone broths are made from our own cattle and chicken bones, cooked down slowly overnight until the bones are crumbling and all the minerals and proteins have been dissolved into the broth. The remains are then used in our composting to complete the cycle.

Great Value

A homemade bone broth is the most affordable supplement you can take. You can buy nourishing, marrow-filled bones from pasture-reared organic animals from any of our Daylesford butchers counters. Compared with expensive protein powders this is a no-brainer!

All About Umami

Bone broths are delicious. One of the key differences between home and professional cooking is the quality of stocks used. A good quality bone broth will add umami (a luscious, satisfying and salty flavour) to soups, stews, risottos and more, giving it more body and substance.

Great With Grains

Bone broth is a deeply nourishing way to make pulses and grains such as quinoa, lentils and rice more digestible. Grains cooked in bone broth rather than water soak up minerals and protein, adding nutritional value and flavour, and the gelatin in the broth also helps aid digestion.

Protect Your Bones

As a nation, we are not eating foods that are nutrient dense enough to support bone health. By slowly cooking bones, we dissolve the collagen and cartilage into the broth. These “gloopy” glycoproteins are the building blocks of our joints, keeping us lithe and lubricated and moving freely. These building blocks for joint health are not available in any other foods and are considered so valuable to health that bone broths occur in every traditional cuisine in the world.

Nourish Your Skin

Gelatin found in bone broths is the ultimate forgotten beauty supplement for your skin and hair. Bone broths help make your skin remain plump and youthful, your nails strong and hair glossy.

Heal Your Gut

We are what we digest. So many of us have less than perfect digestion from years of rushed eating and less than stellar food choices. The nourishing minerals, fats, glucosamine and amino acids in broths are easy to digest and help seal and repair the gut lining.  If you know your digestion is not up to par, and you suffer pain or bloating this is an easy way to soothe and improve your digestion, and well as your bones and joints – all in one nourishing cup.