Sound Healing

Mindful Living | Well-Being

I recently had my first experience of a sound healing session. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I came away deeply affected by it. I found the experience fascinating, mesmerising almost, but above all I left feeling profoundly relaxed and calmed.

You sit or lie down in a calm space and a gong and crystal bowls are played to you. You hear the sounds but you can also feel them through your body – certain frequencies correspond to different chakras and target different concerns within the body. And like the breath in a meditation practice, in a sound healing session (or a sound bath as they’re also known), the sound is the vehicle to relaxation. The notes and vibrations lull you into a meditative state, allowing you to slow and focus your mind and truly switch off.

It’s an immersive, sensory and grounding experience, a chance to take time out and completely remove yourself from your everyday life. We offer sound healing classes at our Haybarn in both London or the Cotswolds, and based on my own experience, I would highly recommend trying a class so that you can discover the effects for yourself. Visit to learn more.