Starting the day with meditation and yoga is one of  the best ways to clear the mind and prepare for the day ahead. 

Yogic breathing

When I can, I see our resident yoga master Vettri Selvan, who is a disciple of renowned yoga master Sri Swamisatchidananda and never fails to restore peace and calm to even the most frantic minds. 

Key to Vettri’s teachings is yogic breathing, which helps to relax, focus and centre the mind. Here are some of Vettri’s key tips for yogic breathing. 

Yogic breathing

Find a comfortable seated pose with your spine in a neutral position.

Inhale slowly, allowing your lungs to expand without any strain.

Inhale a little more, allowing the abdomen to expand.

The whole process should be one continuous movement. There should be no force or unnecessary strain.

Yogic breathing

Now start to exhale slowly. Try to empty your lungs as much as possible without any strain by pulling the abdominal wall as near as possible to the spine.

This completes one sequence.

Practice five to ten cycles for a few weeks. Slowly increase the time up to ten minutes with the guidance of an expert.