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Since launching our first Haybarn spa in the Cotswolds, my aim has always been to focus the treatments and classes we offer around healing. From soothing massages and cleansing facials to restorative pilates and meditation classes, our spas are sanctuaries of calm – places to nourish and restore your well-being holistically.


As we look forward to the arrival of spring and the sense of renewal and revitalisation those warmer days bring, I am delighted to announce the launch of our first Wellness Week at the end of March. Come and relax in nature surrounded by the beautiful greenery of our Cotswold farm and treat your body and mind to a day or weekend of self-care at our Haybarn spa.


Choose from single-day workshops that address specific concerns, such as gut health or your sleeping habits, or a weekend-long retreat designed to leave you feeling rested, energised and cared for. Feed your mind and find inner balance through yoga, fitness, meditation and sound healing classes led by leading practitioners, and nourish your body with fresh juices and delicious organic food freshly prepared using seasonal ingredients from the farm. We look forward to welcoming you.