Since the beginning of my journey with Daylesford, I have believed that a dedication to protecting our soils and pollinators should be the driving force behind everything we do. After all, without the health of both where would we be? We have been in close contact with the government over recent years and have worked closely with them on the likes of the National Pollinator Strategy and with the Sustainable Soils Alliance to do what we can to protect a way of life that works with nature, not against it. I was so thrilled to hear the news last week that Michael Gove joins us in a belief that we must ban the routine use of neonicotinoids in our UK farming practices. Our teams at @agricology and @daylesfordfarm have very much been part of this development within the government and it gives me great hope that there is a brighter future for farming and the wellbeing of the wildlife and nature that supports us #organic #protect #nourish #nurturenature #chooseorganic #saveoursoils