Chateau Leoube is set on the coast of Provence, within one of the most beautiful protected sites in Europe.

Spread over 560 hectares, the estate includes 65 hectares of vineyards and 20 hectares of olive groves, all devoted to growing the grapes and olives that make Léoube’s award winning wines and olive oils.

Following a back-to-basics philosophy, we believe in strengthening the land’s biodiversity and natural defences by employing traditional growing methods. Our grapes and olives are all harvested by hand, in tune with the seasonal and lunar cycles and our wines are all certified organic.

Our belief is that if you respect the balance of the plant then you will get the most balanced fruit in return, and the flourishing of the vines and olive trees at Léoube stand as testimony to this approach.

This latest short film was shot over the course of a year and captures the vineyard through the four seasons, from the dormant pruning phase of winter through to the full harvest of August, when Leoube truly comes to life.