Feed Your Core

I have always believed that good health comes from within, and our farmshops are now full of gut-friendly foods that balance and heal from the inside out. How we feed our core affects our protection from disease, absorption 
of nutrients, creation of vitamins, hormonal balance and even our mood.

However, for me, the healthiest choice you can make is to eat organic. Free from antibiotics and pesticides, fresh organic produce is packed with natural antioxidants and nutrients. Not only is organic food better for you, it is also better for our animals and for the environment. And so, if there is just one resolution that you make this year, please make it a commitment to eating organic.

To help you heal your body after the excess of Christmas our in-house nutritionist Rhaya Jordan has put together some suggestions on how your can look after your core this January.

Feed Your Core

The natural prebiotics in fibre-rich, organic vegetables and pulses feed your good probiotic bacteria. Enhance your core health with fibre-rich prebiotic salads, soups and smoothies, using seasonal ingredients like root vegetables, squash, leafy greens, onions & leeks.

Organic probiotic fermented vegetables and yoghurts boost your “good” bacteria, improve your core health and help your digestion. To keep your gut happy (and beat that post-Christmas bloat), try our new whey or salt-brined vegetables for a 
hit of probiotics. The distinct savoury-sour flavours of our new sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented turnip are delicious paired with rich, slow-cooked meats like brisket or ox cheeks, or with sweet roast root vegetables and to add punch to fresh winter salads.

Feed Your Core

All over the world people have developed ways of preserving food using “good” bacteria and fermentation. Whey and salt brining is key because traditional vinegar pickling stops the crucial fermentation process.

Try to eat some fermented food every day to help keep your microbiome in opti-mum condition – take your pick from probiotic yoghurt, fermented drinks like kefir, miso paste, spicy kimchi, or tart sauerkraut.

Feed Your Core

Gastrointestinal immune cells are a vital part of our immunity. Gut-lymph tissues identify and kill any health-robbing substances we may have ingested. Organic meat on the bone, slow-cooking cuts and bone broth contain the raw materials to heal your gut lining. The chefs on our farm release the hard-to-
get collagen and gelatin by slowly cooking the bones from our own organic, grass-pastured animals for hours to make nutritious bone broth. Our nutritionist recommends drinking a cup of organic bone broth a day.

The forgotten cuts from our grandparents’ generation heal you from the inside with their collagen, cartilage, connective tissue and gelatin. They are at their best slow-cooked in winter stews and make rich, warming suppers.
 Nutrient-dense organic liver protects the gut lining. Try our new recipes at www.daylesford.com, or hide in stews and sauces for fussier eaters.

The essential oils in ingredients like thyme, rosemary, garlic, chilli, ginger and turmeric inhibit bad bacteria. Drink your dose of naturally antibacterial plant oils in our organic cold press boosters, add to winter stews and roasts, or blend into soups and smoothies.