Cocktails enjoyed with friends by a roaring fire are one of the delights of Christmas and this year The Wild Rabbit has come up with a special menu of festive cocktails.

Here our head barman shares some of his favourite festive cocktail recipes for you to recreate at home.


Apple Pie Moscow Mule

A classic cocktail, given a festive twist by using our own vodka infused with apple and cinnamon.

1 part Organic cloudy apple juice
1 part vodka infused with apples and cinnamon
1 part Organic ginger beer
Glass full of ice
Organic apple from orchard at Daylesford for decoration

Mix together all ingredients and serve in a traditional copper mug.




Kir Royal with Pomegranate and Homemade Rosemary Syrup

Ideal as a light aperitif

1 part Pomegranate liqueur
3 parts Champagne
Teaspoon of homemade rosemary syrup

Mix and serve in a champagne glass.

Salted Caramel White Russian

An indulgent after dinner drink to enjoy by the fire.

50ml Salted caramel vodka
35ml Irish cream (instead of baileys)
35ml Amaretto
50ml Cream

Pour in a tumbler.
Finish with an additional dribble of salted caramel.


Chestnut Whiskey Sour

Ideal as an aperitif, our whiskey sour is given a festive twist by the addition of chestnut cream, which can be found at many specialist grocers. We use a single malt whiskey for a cleaner taste.

50ml whiskey – not a peaty one – single malt or blended
25ml lemon juice
10ml simple sugar syrup
Teaspoon chestnut cream
Ice cubes

Mix all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously.
Pour over ice.
Serve in a classic tumbler.