Christmas Cheeseboard

Peter Kindel is the new head cheese maker at
 Daylesford’s organic creamery, where he is now in charge of producing all of our farm’s award – winning cheese.

Peter has studied and worked with cheese for over twenty years. Originally from the USA, his lifelong passion has taken him all over the world in his pursuit of “a life of cheese making” In the run up to Christmas we asked Peter to share his thoughts on what would make the perfect cheese board:

“My perfect cheese board would be simple, maybe three or four cheeses: the first would be a mold ripened goat cheese like Tymsboro. I always like to start with a goat cheese to excite the palette.

Next would be a runny soft cheese like Baywell when it’s just past the “best before” date: it screams for crusty bread, I can’t stop eating it.

The third would be a well-aged cheddar, with a fruit chutney or very ripe pear. Last would be blue, strong and old like Roquefort or Daylesford blue. I never need to eat much, but it is punctuation on the sentence.

I have a sweet tooth when it comes to wine and love dessert wines at Christmas time like Quarts des Chaumes, Tawny Port, or Madeira. They contrast the rich decadence of the cheese with sweet decadence, the best of both extremes!”

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