bamford spring summer collection

India is a country that inspires so much of what we do at Bamford and this is particularly true of our Spring Summer 2017 collection.

Based on a palette of neutrals with injections of coral, the collection is almost entirely crafted by hand and inspired by the colours and shapes of the continent.

bamford spring & summer collection 2017

As with all of our collections, these are clothes that reflect our way of life.

Our starting point was discovering fabrics that have a story to tell: working with weavers to tie-dye yarns, before threading the yarn onto a hand loom to make the lightest ikat cloth.

These fabrics were chosen for their raw properties, simplicity and organic flow; characteristics that are reflected in the natural palette. From rich oatmeal and cream tones to the pop of bright orange, the collection is a perfect combination of classic and modern dressing.

bamford 2017 spring and summer collection